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My Own Education and Teaching Experience


An excellent liberal education

I was fortunate enough to attend Westminster School between 1998-2003. The school values independent thought above all else and is blessed with both excellent teachers and teaching resources. I obtained mostly A*s at GCSE and then completed 6 AS courses and four full A-level courses.

My results were good enough to secure me a place at Pembroke College, Oxford, to study Philsophy and Theology. I graduated in 2006 with a 2:1 and a wealth of extra-curricular experience, some of which is detailed below.


My extra-curricular activities

I have a broad range of interests outside of education. Whilst at university I captained a football team; created an art gallery for my college; produced and performed in musical theatre shows; founded a stand-up comedy night and joined the highly successful improv. comedy troupe the Oxford Imps. In my final year I appeared in Channel 4's 'Beauty and the Geek'. All of this culminated in my being ranked as the fourth best person to know by the Oxford Student newspaper. As impressive as that may sound it should perhaps be noted that first place that year went to a monkey in the university's biological sciences deparment. 

I remain a keen writer and satirists. My experience as a comedian and performer have certainly influenced my teaching practice, which may be described as "edutainment". That is not to say I am not serious about the subjects that I teach, and from my own experience I recognise the hard work required to excel academically. However, I do believe a light hearted approach can often lessen the stress and anxiety surrounding our highly competitive academic system.


My Own Teaching Experience

I began as a tutor at Green's College, Oxford teaching GCSE history and a little bit of maths.

After five years in Oxford I decided to return to London and began tutoring privately through Holland Park Tutors and Greater London Tutors.

I accepted an offer to teach full time at Chelsea Independent College where I taught A-level courses in History, Religious Studies, Philosophy, Art History and Government and Politics and GCSE courses in history and Religious Studies. I also have some experience of teaching International Baccalaureate privately.

After eight years in London I was ready for a change of scene and that is where my interest in online tuition really began. The real appeal for me is the ability to teach anywhere there is a good internet connection. I recently joined the excellent Online Tuition Portal and am delighted to be given the opportunity to work with leading online tutors. I am currently based between Norfolk and the Alps but intend to travel and work throughout Europe and possibly beyond!


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